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The Applied Voice Input Output Society (AVIOS) is a not-for-profit industry organization founded in 1981 with the goals of informing, educating, and providing resources to developers and designers of new and changing speech and natural language technologies. AVIOS endeavors to create linkages between users, developers, and researchers to advance speech and multimodal technology with a long tradition of conferences and varied workshops around the country.

The Applied Voice Input Output Society (AVIOS) announces closure on December 31, 2023

We wish to thank all who have attended our conferences, workshops
and local chapter meetings over the past 42 years.  


A Webinar Presented by AVIOS

Who will control your connection to companies? 


Personal assistants like Alexa and Siri sit between you and specific “skills” created by companies to get things done, providing a single channel to a wide range of applications. In contrast, you can talk directly to Bank of America’s Erica or book a train with Julie, giving you direct access to the company's products. As Conversational AI grows and takes over the interaction between customers and companies, this tension will grow. One channel or many?  Central to the debate will be privacy and the control of personal information.


The AVIOS board of experts in Voice Interactive Systems look at this looming battle from both the company perspective, where branding and information access is key, and the end user perspective, where trust and convenience are important.  From both perspectives, security and ethics play crucial roles. This webinar covers key topics in these two approaches.

View from AVIOS ... The Future of Intelligent Voice Assistants

By Phil Shinn

In the future, will you use one intelligent voice assistant (IVA) to mediate and connect you to the world, or will you prefer to use direct connections to various organizations’ agents? In a recent virtual panel discussion, AVIOS members debated the pros and cons of these different models and likely future developments.

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