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The Applied Voice Input Output Society (AVIOS) is a not-for-profit private foundation founded in 1981. AVIOS provides a forum for promoting practical applications of advanced speech technology, such as speech recognition, text-to-speech synthesis, and speaker authentication, along with supporting technologies such as natural language interpretation and knowledge representation. AVIOS organizes the Conversational Interaction Conference annually in collaboration with TMA Associates, continuing a long tradition of AVIOS conferences. AVIOS local chapters are active in areas that range from New York to Boston to Israel , providing informative talks and valuable networking.


Having established this strong base, AVIOS is now emphasizing its role as an internationally recognized organization with a leading role in the dissemination of knowledge and material essential to speech practitioners.


  • Inform and educate developers and designers of speech applications, researchers, students, industry suppliers, companies using speech technology in their business, and individuals for whom the technology is of critical importance.

  • Provide resources to the speech community that will help create quality applications of advanced speech technology, for example:

  • The AVIOS forum for the open interchange of ideas and information

  • Bridge the gap between the emerging voice technology and its application by providing an interactive forum for the technologists, students, system developers, business managers and users actively involved or with an interest in the field of Voice Processing

AVIOS Mission

AVIOS is a non-profit speech technology professional society dedicated to informing and educating the speech community through information distribution and training opportunities and to highlighting real world applications of speech technology. AVIOS creates linkages between users, developers, and researchers to advance speech and multimodal technology as the interface of choice. AVIOS provides opportunities for members to learn more about market and technical developments and to exchange informal communications. Through AVIOS, researchers discover what developers, marketers, and end users require in speech-automated products and services. Developers and marketers learn how to identify appropriate applications for speech technology and how to present them.

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