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Advanced Dialogs

The goal of the AD Tech Forum is the development of a coherent architecture and process for the design, development, and implementation of interactive voice and video dialogs whose interactive complexity requires sophistication unachievable by conventional finite state machine design.

Advanced Dialogs Technical Forum Background and History

The AD Tech Forum was founded in October, 2006 under the title “Advanced Dialogs Working Group” of the VoiceXML Forum’s “Tools Group”. Its founding was stimulated by a growing awareness of incompatibility among IVR application servers, resulting in the attempt to specify a dialog ‘metalanguage’ which would cross vendor and server architecture boundaries to facilitate application transportability. A sharpening of the focus on dialog metalanguage led to the exploration of standard methods for the specification of non-FSM dialogs.


The first AD Workshop was held on Feb 22, 2007 in San Francisco during the AVIOS/SpeechTEK conference. Discussion included:

  • How can the definition of ‘states’ be expanded?

  • Goal Orientation the effective representation and management of goals

  • Search, Rules and Stochastic Reasoning


The second AD Workshop was held on Aug 23, 2007 in New York during the SpeechTEK conference. Discussion included:


  • Plan-based reasoning

  • Stochastic reasoning

  • Rule and frame-based

  • Case Based reasoning

  • Metalanguage overview

  • Integrating AD into Metalanguage



The third AD Workshop was held on Mar 13, 2008 in San Diego during the AVIOS/TMAA Voice Search Conference. Discussion included:


  • Metalanguage

  • Architectures

  • Case Based reasoning

  • The France Telecom AD solution

  • An architectural framework for future AD discussion

  • Which technical approach do we use for the inference engine: frame-based, stochastic, case-based, rule-based, plan-based

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