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Conversational Interaction Conference 2017 Presentations

Monday, January 30  |  Track 1: Trends and applications

OPENING KEYNOTE: Conversational Interfaces and the Future of Customer Interaction

Sunil Vemuri, Product Manager, Google Assistant, Google (presentation not available)

Digital assistants and bots: A range of options


Customer service: Automation with natural language


Building bots and digital assistants for the messaging services and home devices

  • Emerging Conversational UI Design Patterns, Paul Cutsinger, Head of Alexa Voice UX Education, Amazon (presentation not available)

  • Bots: What, Why, How, Beerud Sheth, CEO, Gupshup


Digital assistants in customer service

Options in user interface design

The voice and personality of your application

Tuesday, January 31  |  Track 1: Trends and applications


Bot strategies in customer service


Customer service with natural language


Digital Assistants in the Enterprise


Major trends in conversational applications

  • The Future of Conversation UI, Vera Tzoneva, Global Product Partnerships, Google Assistant (presentation not available)

  • Voice in the Vehicle: the Next Frontier, Lisa Falkson, Lead Voice UX Designer, NextEV


Case studies: Conversational apps


Fitting the context of the natural language interaction


Interactive advertising and conversations with customers


Monday, January 30  |  Track 2: How to do it right


Alternatives in natural language processing


Building "bots" for messaging applications


Building natural language applications


Putting it all together

Creating effective Conversational User Interfaces

Practical considerations in building conversational systems

Tuesday, January 31  |  Track 2: How to do it right

Automating a conversation: Approaches to a full dialog


Your assistant in the home


Analytics: Understanding and categorizing user behavior


Making text entry on mobile devices more efficient


Building conversational systems


Natural language tools


Options you should know about

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