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Conversational Interaction Conference 2018 Presentations

Monday, February 5  |  Track 1: Trends and applications

Keynote: What are the limits of speech recognition accuracy?                                            

Xuedong Huang, Technical Fellow, Microsoft AI and Research, Microsoft  (presentation not available)

Digital assistants and bots: A range of options


Automating customer service

Options in developing a conversational assistant


Digital assistants in customer service

Options in user interface design

Natural language interaction doesn't stand alone. It can be supported by GUIs and other options.

The voice and personality of your application

The quality, naturalness, and "personality" of speech from an automated system can be a major determinant of its effectiveness.​

Tuesday, February 6  |  Track 1: Trends and applications

Making workers more efficient

  • Analytics Powered by Conversation, Adrien Schmidt, CEO, Bouquet

  • Mobile Voice Interaction for Outdoor Workers:  Updated Case Study in Agriculture, John Swansey, Co-founder and Chief Design Officer, AgVoice


Options in natural language automation


Customer service with natural language


Digital Assistants in the Enterprise

  • Conversational AI: What we’ve learned from millions of AI conversations for thousands of customers, Sid J Reddy, Chief Scientist, Conversica

  • Retail’s Impending Demise: are the rumors greatly exaggerated? How Theatro is using speech technology to transform brick-and-mortal retail, Jesse Montgomery, Senior Speech Technologist, Theatro Labs

  • Enterprise Digital Assistants Patterns & Use Cases, Editt Gonen-Friedman, Product Owner, Natural Language Interfaces, Oracle CX Cloud Mobile, Oracle Corporation

Keynote: Using Voice to Transform Retail, Andrew Sun, VP of Strategic Partnerships, Walmart


Carrying on the Conversation


Fitting the application: Differences driven by the environment and the user


Challenges in conversational interaction


Monday, February 5  |  Track 2: How to do it right


Building digital assistants for home devices


Speech Recognition and natural language technology


Creating an effective user experience

  • Prosody for Conversational Discourse, Joseph Tyler, Conversation Designer, Sensely

  • Making Good Conversation: Tips for Bots and Their Humans, Sondra Ahlén, Principal VUI Consultant and Owner, SAVIC

Delivering what users want

Creating effective Conversational User Interfaces


Building conversational systems in difficult environments

Tuesday, February 6 |  Track 2: How to do it right

Speech recognition in difficult environments


Building conversational systems


Naturally! Not so easy


Panel: Dialog Management as a Key Technology for Conversational Systems (presentation not available)

  • Ilya Gelfenbeyn, Lead Product Manager, Dialogflow at Google

  • Alborz Geramifard, Machine Learning Manager at Amazon

  • Nirmal Mukhi, Master Inventor at IBM Watson Education

Building voice-interactive systems


Natural language tools: A wide range of options


Options you should know about

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