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The Applied Voice Input Output Society (AVIOS) is a not-for-profit private foundation founded in 1981 with the goals of informing, educating, and providing resources to developers and designers of new and changing speech and natural language technologies. AVIOS endeavors to create linkages between users, developers, and researchers to advance speech and multimodal technology with a long tradition of conferences, varied workshops around the country and the annual student speech application contest.
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The fourth Conversational Interaction Conference will be held in San Jose, California, February 10-11, 2020. The conference will explore the major revolution in user interaction with digital systems and software—conversing with computers in human language through text or voice. The CI Conference is organized by AVIOS (Applied Voice Input Output Society) and Bill Meisel’s TMA Associates.


The 2019 conference was focused on the content of talks, with no exhibit hall. It covered the depth and breadth of what is happening commercially in using natural language with text or speech interaction as a key enhancement of the user interface with digital systems. Attendees praised the content, quality of talks, and the intimate and friendly networking atmosphere. 

The 2019/2020 Student Speech Application Contest

With the goal of encouraging students to work on topics in advanced voice input and output, AVIOS is proud to organize and sponsor the annual AVIOS Speech Application contest. Students from around the country and world are invited to submit the speech applications they have built for consideration.


The speech application contest allows students studying voice technology to apply what they have learned beyond the classroom, and get feedback on their ideas from a panel of senior researchers and practitioners in the field. The winning application each year is announced at the conference.


In addition to a cash prize, the winners are invited to the conference where in addition to gaining exposure for their work, they have an opportunity to network and learn about current speech technology trends.


The content is open to high school, undergraduate, and graduate students and generally the final projects are to be submitted in mid December. Projects may be voice only or multimodal, on mobile or desktop.     

Contest Overview and Entry Form   |    Application Development Resources

View from AVIOS ... Google’s Duplex Lets a Bot Be Your Voice

Thanks to the Duplex technology, Google Assistant can make simple calls on your behalf. But how much automation is too much?

By Phil Shinn


This summer Google rolled out Duplex, its technology for conducting two-way real-world conversations over the phone, with Google Assistant holding up your end of a call. It was demoed at the Google I/O developer conference by Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, who noted that 60% of small businesses don’t have automated reservation systems.   Read more

2017/2018 Speech Application Contest Announcement of Winners


AVIOS is pleased to announce the winners of the 2017/2018 Speech Application Contest. Several student groups submitted speech applications. Judges reviewed every application and selected the following winners:


Eben Holderness, Nila Mandal, R Matthews and Claire Sun from Brandeis University. 


Their app, DocFinder, is a voice-enabled search application that provides a list of doctors specified by your search queries. Search can be done by your insurance provider, the type of doctor you are looking for, the location you like to search from, and languages. The list of doctors is returned in order of distance from your specified location.


Try the application!

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