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Europe Chapter

19 November 2009 marked the launch of a new AVIOS chapter. Detlev Artelt organized the inaugural meeting of AVIOS Europe. The goal of AVIOS Europe is to create opportunity for people with interest in speech technology to meet, network, and stay abreast of new developments in the area.

For more information, please contact:
Detlev Artelt, Chair; Telephone: +49 241 4133 100

Past Events

9 November 2009 | Constitutive Meeting of the new local AVIOS EU chapter

Presenter: Detlev Artelt, CEO aixvox GmbH and Author of voice compass

Facts and basic information about the Applied Voice Input / Output Society


Presenter: Dr.-Ing. Joachim Köhler, department head NetMedia Fraunhofer IAIS

New Trends and new Developments in Speech Technology
Due to the significant progress in speech technology several voice applications have
entered the business market. Nevertheless, future research and development is required to
improve current speech technology and to enable new application scenarios. The talk will
give an overview about new approaches in the area of speech analytics and will cover
topics like audiominig, voice search, robust speech recognition, audio event detection and
emotional speech detection.


Presenter: Carolin Mende, Business Development, SpeechConcept GmbH & Co. KG

Now we're talking!
State-of-the art voice creation and ways to make today's TTS sound even more natural.
Demonstration of semantic and linguistic tools used to optimize synthetic speech.

Presenter: Michael Codini, Managing Director Voxeo Germany GmbH

Speech Solutions: Hosted vs. On-Premise
Despite today’s challenging economic climate, investments in speech self-service have
continued. For many businesses of all sizes, a shift in economic strategies has led them
away from traditional on-premises solutions to hosted and managed service deployments.

Presenter: Dr. Volker Steinbiss, Lehrstuhl fuer Informatik 6 RWTH Aachen University,

Human Language Technology and Pattern Recognition
While speech recognition technology is finally being embraced by the market, there are still
hard research problems to be solved. RWTH Aachen University gives a quick overview over
research and projects in automatic speech recognition and related fields in human language

Chapter Lead

Detlev Artelt - Consultant, Director, and Public Speaker in Aachen, Deutschland

CEO at aixvox consulting - I help clients understand the benefits of Smartworking, Unified Communications, Speech Technology and Automation by Speech.

The latest book "EINFACH ANDERS ARBEITEN" is about smartworking with the right mix of technology at the right enviroment.

My voice compass book series ist about new communcations technologies and my yearly publication provide 50 PRAXISTIPPS Kundenkommunikation

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