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Israel Chapter

To address the need for more frequent networking opportunities, AVIOS is supporting the creation of Local Chapters. This will provide a forum for people interested in speech technology across all dimensions – research, application development, or marketing – to convene more frequently and to learn more about advances in their own region.


The Israeli Local chapter was officially announced in 2005 and has change the face of the speech community by creating a forum for people to meet, exchange views and interact.


Dr. Nava Shaked is the chairperson of the Israeli chapter and is also an active member of the AVIOS board. Over the years the nationwide annual AVIOS meeting in Israel has made a name for itself.

A final note:
The speech community is filled with wonderful people who are in many ways special. Our purpose in establishing a local chapter in Israel is to overcome the distance and bring the new and interesting from oversees to meet the new and innovative which is our share in Israel.

Past Events

28 March 2017 | AVIOS HIT Annual Conference

Prof. Eduard Yakubov, President, HIT | Greetings

Dr. Nava Shaked, Chairperson AVIOS Israel & HIT | Conversational Interactions

Prof. Sarit Kraus, Bar Ilan University | Computer Agents that Interact Proficiently with People

Ms. Shira Gal, Beit Issie Shapiro | From Nice to Have to Must Have

Dr. Hadas Lewy, Clalit / HIT (CARE) | Technologies, Treatment of Chronic Patients and Social Inclusion of the Elderly

Ms. Rotem Israel, HIT | Kids 4 Kids - Harnessing Technology to Bridge Communities

Dr. Roberto Pieraccini, | Director, Advanced Conversational Technologies, Jibo | The Challenge of Conversational Machines: from MUSA to Jibo

Mr. Ron Shamir, Phonetica | Information Privacy: Who is Accountable?

Dr. Michal Rosen-Zvi, Director, Health Informatics, Haifa Research Lab, IBM | Addressing Special Health Needs Via Personalized Systems that Learn from Data

Alex Pavtoulov, CEO, Ola Mundo | Disrupt the Barriers of Autism

Mr. Boaz Zilberman, CEO, Project Ray | A Simple and Accessible Smartphone for the Visually-Impaired

Mr. Allon Gladstone, COO, HereO | From PowerPoint to Product - Learnings from a hardware startup

Ms. Dafna Presler, Product Evangelist, Intuition Robotics Social Robot for Older Adults

Conversational Interactions - from Needs to Solutions | Dr. Yoram Levanon, Beyond Verbal Communication. Dr. Boaz Ben-David, IDC Herzeliya. Michal Naveh, Musician. Assa Arbel, HATAAGID - Digital Team

See videos of the presentations here

8 September 2015 | Tenth Anniversary of AVIOS Israel

Presenter: Sara Basson, Accessibility Evangelist, Google

Google Accessibility -  The Goals, The Challenges, And The Role of Speech Technologies

Presenter: Ute Winter, General Motors R&D, Israel

User Adaptation for Automotive Speech Interfaces

Presenter: Shai Nissim, VP R&D VivoText & Co-Founder and CEO Kinedio

Can our Voice Live Forever? Innovative voice cloning technology represents us even if we are not around



Photographs of the 10th anniversary event

1 July 2013 | Speech Processing Conference

Presenter: Prof. Chin Hui Lee, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Keynote: “An Integrated Detection and Verification Approach to Speech Processing”

Prof. Lawrence Rabiner, Rutgers University, USA

Seminar: MATLAB© Programs for Digital Speech Processing

AVIOS Israel 2009

Presenter: Avi Sharfi

Speech Recognition & Voice2Text In The Medical World

Presenter: David Thomson

Crossing Speech Technology Thresholds

Presenter: ורד זילבר-ורוד | Vered Zilber Varod

פּרוזודיה בדיבור והשפעתה על תקשורת אדם-מכונה
Speech Prosody

Presenter: ד”ר נאווה שקד | Dr. Nava Shaked

Multilanguage Speech Systems

Presenter: Simon Rapoport

Contemplating the horizons of mobile speech applications

Presenter: Almog Aley-Raz

Voice Biometrics

Presenter: ד”ר עמי מויאל | Dr. Ami Moyal

תמלול דיבור ספונטני
Spontaneous Speech Transcription

Presenter: דאלון גיספן | Alon Gispan & Sigali Raz
עקרונות לפיתוח VUI במערכות זיהוי דיבור

פּרוזודיה בדיבור והשפעתה על תקשורת אדם-מכונהVUI במערכות זיהוי דיבור
Principles for Developing VUI Speech Recognition Systems

AVIOS Israel 2007
Presenter: טרנר עופר | Ofer Turner
Challenges Facing CBphone Telecom

Presenter: מגוון פתרונות לזיהוי דובר סוד הקסם הנעלם
The Secret of Disappearing Magic: A verity of solutions for speaker identification

Presenter: Ron Hoory
Contact Center of the Future and Conversational Technologies

Presenter: Judith Markowitz
Keynote: Using Speaker Recognition

Presenter: אבישי זעירי | Avishai Zairi
The Name of the Game – Integration

Presenter: Maurizio Miragoli
Using Voice Biometrics to Verify Identity over the Telephone

Presenter: Zohar Dvir
שיחה אינטראקטיבית עם מחשב חזון ויישומו
Interactive Conversation with a Computer: The vision and it’s implementatio

AVIOS Israel 2006

Presenter: עידו יצחקי | Ido Yitzhaki
הפלטפורמה החכמ מענה חדשני לצרכי הארגון בתחום הדיבור
Smart Platform: Innovative response for the organization needs in the speech field

Presenter: אבי פרייפלד | Avi Freifeld
SPEECH האתגר בגיבוש פתרונות אינטראקטיביים חדשים תוך שילוב
The challenge in formulating new interactive solutions combined SPEECH

Presenter: Dr. Christian Dugast
Speech Applications: The 3 Main Reasons for Success – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Presenter: Daniel O’Sullivan:

Using Adaptive Technology and Heuristic Models to personalize automated calls and improve the efficiency of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems

AVIOS Israel 2005

Presenter: Atzmon Ghilai
Semi-Supervised Learning Processes in Speech Recognition Systems

Presenter: רפי נשיא | Rafi Nassi
Hosted Speech Solutions

Presenter: ד”ר עמי מויאל | Dr. Ami Moyal
טכנולוגיית זיהוי דיבור – מציאות, מיתוסים וחזון
Speech recognition technology – reality, myths and vision

Presenter: עופר אלט | Ofer Alt
ארכיטקטורות קישור והפעלת פלטפורמת זיהוי דיבור בסביבה הארגונית בקלות, במהירות וביעילות וללא “מהפכות
Link architectures and operating Speech Recognition Platform Corporate environment easily, quickly and efficiently without “Revolutions

Presenter: ד”ר נאווה שקד | Dr. Nava Shaked
Selection Processes

Chapter Lead

Nava Shaked, CEO, BBT and Holon Institute of Technology affiliation

Dr. Shaked is a world famous expert in AI applications, NLP (Natural Language Processing), as well as Call Centre optimization technologies.  Shaked held senior management positions with IBM and several other large IT organisations and has been involved in leading major projects in Israel and the US for more than 20 years.  Shaked holds a Ph.D. in AI from CUNY, New York where she currently a Visiting Professor and she is a member of the Engineering Faculty in HIT, Israel. 


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