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Mobile Voice Conference 2010 Presentations

Track 1: Business

A101: Patient Policies

Marie Meteer, Speech Technology Consortium – Building the Prior Art Library to Enable Better Patent Application Examinations

Jason L. Peltz, Patent Strategy: Considerations in Filing a Patent Infringement Suit and in Defending such a Suit

Ria Farrell Schalnat, Reexamination – An Alternative to Litigation

Mark Powell, United States Patent & Trademark Office – How You Can Work With Us

A103: Voice Sites: Directory Assistance and More

Sanjay Krishnamurthy, The Perfect Storm: Speech Recognition, Social Networking and Productivity

Anupam Jain, The Spoken Web: Using the Voice Channel

Bill Meisel, Voice Sites: Return of the “Voice Web”?


A105: The Voice Interface on Mobile Phones

Mazin Gilbert, The Art of The Possible in Mobile Voice Search

Ariel Freidenberg, Mobile Voice Biometrics

Adam Cheyer, Siri: A Speech-enabled Concierge At Your Service

William Crossman, Goodbye Text, Hello Global Conversation


A107: Hosted and Managed Options for Customer Service

John Amein, Hosted or Premise…You’ve Got Options!

Irv Shapiro, Hosted Services — Reconnecting the Far-Flung Workforce

Dena Skrbina, Clouds in the Forecast for Enterprise Solutions


A109: Voicemail-to-text and Voice Notes Services

Sunil Vemuri, A Whisper in Your Ear: How Productivity Devices and Apps Are Changing the Way We Live

Jamie Siminoff, Voicemail-to-Text Drives Enterprise Productivity

Marcello Typrin, Mobile Speech: Unlocking the Personal Phone’s Full Potential

Shree Madhavapeddi, Voice to Text Services: Taking the Global Carrier and Enterprise UC Market by Storm


A201: Making Customer Service More Effective

Marsal Gavalda, Cross-Channel Real-Time Awareness

Peter Krogh, All-Mode Application Architecture Meets the Need

Christy Murfitt, How the Growth of Proactive Notifications on Mobile Devices is Building Overall Acceptance of Automated Customer Care Channels

Charles Lee, Smart Phone Integration for Mobile Customer Care


A203: The Evolution of Customer Service

Mayur Anadkat, Adding Visual Interaction to a Self-Service Voice Portal

Amy Livingstone, Emerging Technologies in Mobile Customer Care

Gregg McMullen, Evolving Customer Service in an Increasingly Mobile World


A205: Speech-based Applications for Mobile Phones

Patrick Ehlen & Michael Johnston, Situated Multimodal Interaction for Local Search

Melvyn Hunt & Yoon Kim, An iPhone App to Help Travelers Find Their Way in the Tokyo Region

Scott Taylor, Innovations in Mobile Speech

Dan Miller, Mobile Speech: Unlocking the Personal Phone’s Full Potential

A207: Call Routing and Flexible Navigation in Customer Service

Raj Tumuluri, Portable Multimodal Mobile Enterprise Applications

Dr. Joachim Stegmann, Applications of Speech-to-Text in Customer Service

Silke Witt-Ehsani, Dialog Strategies for Multi-Parameter Search

Peter Trompetter, Improve Customer Satisfaction with Natural Language Call Routing and Application Navigation


Track 2: Technology

B101: Tools for Developing Call Center Applications

Karen Owens, Thinking Inside the Box: Streamlining VUI Design Documentation

Mary Constance Parks, Storyboarding for Voice

Jose de Castro, How to use Web 2.0 Technology to Make Your Application Sparkle

Ahmed Bouzid, Experience with Some Novel Server-Based Speech Recognition Services


B103: Effective Designs for Automated Customer Service

Silke Witt-Ehsani, Caller Response Time Patterns in Spoken Dialog Systems

Mike Monegan, Help! Using Predictive Models to Handle Struggling Callers and Decrease Call Duration

Peter Leppik & Susan Hura, Seeing the Forest and the Trees: Towards a Comprehensive Usability Testing Method


B105: Unifying Communication with Speech Technology

Todd Carothers, Seamless Connectivity – It’s What the Customer Wants and the Industry Needs

Jeff Dworkin, Beyond Speech: Bringing Multimedia to Customer Self Service Interactions

Adam Kalsey, Unified Communications and Security: What Do You Need to Know


B107: Effective Designs for Mobile Speech Interfaces

Tim Paek & Andrew Kun, Automotive Speech Interfaces: Design Implications from Academic Research

Michael Johnston, Rapid Prototyping Mobile Voice Applications using EMMA

Bill Byrne, Solving New Design Dilemmas in Multi-Modal Mobile UIs

Dovid Coplon, Preparing for Mobile VoIP: Steps to Ensure Your Enterprise is Ready


B109: Effective Use of Speech Technology

Emmett Coin, Table Talking

Melvyn Hunt, Techniques for Fast and Accurate Spoken Selection of Items in Large Databases

Paolo Baggia, Recent Innovations in Speech Technology

Pedro Moreno, Speech Internationalization: The Google Experience


B201: Smarphone Applications

David Goldfarb, Mobile Phones — Not Just for Data

Mike Phillips, Voice As Top Level UI for Smartphones

Harry Printz, Phonesmart Applications

Peter Marshall, The Personal Engagement Device — It’s All About Me Me Me


B203: Text-to-speech Solutions

Marc Fabiani, Integrating TTS and Recorded Speech for Natural-Sounding Speech Synthesis

Luisa Cordano, Innovative Text-to-Speech Features as Driving Factors in Application Effectiveness

Antoine Kauffeisen, Embedded Versus Online Text to Speech: How to Choose Which Way is Better for My Mobile Application


B205: Platform and Development Options in Enterprise Applications

Deborah Dahl, Distributed Multimodality in the Multimodal Architecture

Matt Whipple, Speech Driven Video On The Mobile Phone

Robert Stewart, Applications Everywhere: Getting to Application Portability on Multiple Platforms

Jamie Siminoff, Media API’s — Enabling the Future of Mobile Voice Development


B207: Speech Recognition Technology

George Zavaliagkos, Natural Language Speech Recognition and Human Perception

Patti Price, Speech Technology and It’s Social Impact

Matt Womer, Voice and the Mobile Web

Roberto Pieraccini, Towards Autonomic Spoken Language Interaction Systems: How Statistics Can Help Us Build Speech Systems that Improve by Themselves


Track 3: Special Topics

C101: Speech in the Automobile

Tom Schalk, Trends in Automotive User Interfaces

Bret Harsham, Voice Search “Shortcuts” for In-Car Infotainment

Benjamin Ao & Yoon Kim, Single-Input Voice User Interfaces for In-Car Infotainment Systems


C103: Speech-to-speech Translation

Farzad Ehsani, Mobile Speech To Speech Translation

Melvyn Hunt & Yoon Kim, A Handheld Flexible Phrase Translator


C105: Unifying Communication with Speech Technology

Bill Byrne, Google Speech APIs: How Developers can use Available Speech Resources

Joe Alwan, Using Analytics in the Development Lifecycle to Increase Success and Accelerate Launch

Mithun Balakrishna, Customizable Spoken Dialog Question Answering For Mobile Find


C107: Effective Designs for Mobile Speech Interfaces

Bob Wohlsen, Mobile Voice Computing for “Easy Rider”

Shai Berger, Moving From Handling Problems to Building Customer Relationships

Jeffrey Jacobsen, Spontaneous “Hands-Free” Mobile Computing & Communications

Leslie Spring, SILVIA, a Conversational AI


C109: Solutions for the Contact Center

Samrat Baul, Voice User “Intelligence” — Personalizing Speech Self-Service

Jeff Dworkin, Practical Steps Toward Fixed — Mobile Convergence for IP Communications

Kelly Fitzsimmons, Voice as an Asset (VaaA)

Michael Perry, Delivering a Personalized Customer Experience


C201: Speaker Authentication

Paul S. Heirendt, Web Service for Enterprise Voice Authentication

Judith Markowitz, Pouring a Solid Foundation: Addressing Common Questions about Speaker Authentication

Valene Skerpac, Speaker Verification for Mobile Authentication within the Broader Biometric Security Sector


C203: Accessibilitiy: Mobile Phones, PCs, and the Web

Deborah Dahl, Designing Multimodal Applications for Senior Users

Michael Greene, A Senior-Friendly Multi-Modal Interface

Harry Levitt, Applications of ASR for People with Hearing Loss


C205: Speech in Consumer Products

Abraham BenDavid, The Speech Servant in use with Telephone and Internet

Todd Mozer, Going Truly HandsFree

M. Mobeen Khan, TapNCharge: Using Mobile Devices to Take and Make Payments

Benjamin Ao, Toward a Desirable Voice User Interface


B207: Speech Recognition for Mobile Workers

Yangmin Shen, Voice Technology Considerations in a Multi-Lingual, Flat World

Doug Brown, Enterprise Hands-Free Solutions Reduce Costs

Mark Anikst, Robust UI for Mobile Voice-Enabled Applications

Adithya Padala, Environmental Noise No Longer Relevant for Speech Applications

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