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Mobile Voice Conference 2011 Presentations

Demo Derby

Davide Bonardo, New frontiers in the TTS internationalization and voices creation

Gregg M McMullen, Mobile Care: Integrating your mobile strategy with the contact center

Detlev Artelt, A movie with speech control

Roberto Pieraccini, SmartCare: Next generation customer care in the age of smartphones

Sean Brown, Multimodal Input – Where Talk and Touch Converge

Casey Jones, Hardware accelerated speech-to-text: the fastest path to hearing the true ‘voice’ of the customer

Chris Routio, Extending the customer service experience beyond the IVR

Vinay Chandra, The Next Generation of Voicemail: Visual Voicemail with Voicemail-to-Text

Sara Basson, Spoken Web: Bridging the Digital Divide, Worldwide

Prasanna Perera, The Angel Multi Modal Application

Dan Burnett, Phono & Tropo – Browser Based Voice and Messaging Applications

Tom Schalk, Voice in the connected car: a new generation

David Frankel, Scribble & Scribe: Real-time conference call transcription

Nate Dooley-Hayes, Streamlining Data Localization for Voice-activated Technology


Track 1

A101: Mobile Applications

Luisa Cordano, EBook readers and speech: what are the trends?

Vlad Sejnoha, Speech Has Arrived — Now What? How We Can Truly Achieve Critical Mass in Mobile Voice Adoption

Valene Skerpac, Speaker verification for mobile authentication within the broader authentication security sector

Heath Ahrens, Speech Technology Solutions for Distracted Driving


A103: Voice calls: Still relevant!

Marcello Typrin, Is the Phone Call Dead? Not So Much…

Werner Blessing, ID MAD – Mobile Authentication Device for many applications: mobile pay, intelligent building control & many more

Peter Voss, Hands-free self-service: Intelligent IVRs

A105: Effective automated customer service

Sonja Lough, How Continental Airlines Uses Outbound IVRs to Transform the Customer Experience

Peter Leppik, Managing Feedback for Speech Applications: Usability is Just the Beginning

Roberto Pieraccini, Exceeding Expectations in the Age of the “Always Connected Customer”


A107: The mobile phone as a personal assistant

Raj Tumuluri, Next Leap in Mobile Applications Development:Leveraging Delivery-Context & Multimodality

Christian Dugast, Your (automated) personal assistant cannot only listen and speak, he can read and write!: Dialog technologies for a multi channel customer service strategy

Sunil Vemuri, Voice to Action: Let your smartphone do it for you

A109: Unified communications

E. Kelly Fitzsimmons, Why Voice Matters

Detlev Artelt, The role of speech in Unified Communication solutions

Bachir Halimi, Very Personal, Personal Assistants for Mobile People


A111: Telephone speech recognition applications

Deborah Dahl, A Conversational Personal Assistant for Senior Users

Paul Coxwell, Identity verification and authorisation over mobile phone

Keyvan Mohajer, Giving Search & Discovery Apps a Voice


A201: Changing expectations for contact centers in a mobile world

Leslie Carroll Walker, Designing for What Mobile Callers Want

Geeta Chauhan, Dynamic Mobile Customer Care

James A. Larson, IVR and Smart Phones

A205: Patent issues and policies in speech

Marie Meteer, New Techniques to bring prior art to light

Ria Farrell Schalnat, Trends in preventing over-reaching in speech patent claims and lawsuits

Jeff O’Neill, Esq., In-House Counsel Perspective on Patent Policy


A207: Speech applications for mobile workers

Raj Tumuluri, Context-aware personal mobile assistants in Healthcare

John Pollard, Enterprise Voice-to-Text Services: The Secret Weapon in Maximizing Mobile Workforce Effectiveness

Rob Chambers, Extending voice-enabled enterprise applications to the mobile workforce


A209: Making the most of multiple media

Valentine C Matula, From Mobile Voice to Untethered Multimedia

Eli Piro, Using Emoforce to Re-enforce

Kent Winter, IVVR and Video-Enablement: New Opportunities for the Mobile Developer


Track 2

B101: Speech recognition in noisy environments

Brigitte Richardson, Ford SYNC – A Mobile Voice User Interface

Thomas Scheerbarth, Talking Apps on the road – How multimodal design can make internet usage attractive during drive

Bert Semple, Voice processing to improve intelligibility and speech recognition accuracy


B103: Voice delivers new options

Dr. Inderpal Singh Mumick, Mobile Voice Value Added Services

Karen Owens, To Press or Say…That Is The Question

Martin Feuerhahn, The Future of Communication in Social Media Networks


B105: Multimodal user interfaces on mobile devices

Anne K. Sullivan, Speech on Mobile: Multimodal Design Principles

William Crossman, Sub-Vocal Speech and Directed Sound: Definitely the Next Big Things!

Ahmed Bouzid, Cloud-Based Multi-Modal Application Development and Deployment

B107: Hosted options in customer service

Gregg McMullen, Customer service in the ‘cloud’: Options

George Matar, Cloud-Based Speech Models Improve the Customer Experience and Accelerate CRM Initiatives

Melvyn Hunt, A Comparison between User Behavior in Two Address Collection Applications

B109: Speech in the automobile: Safety and usability

Adam Elman, Designing for the driver’s seat

Silvio Nasi, Is my car really listening to me or what?

Todd Mozer, Going Truly Handsfree in Cars


B111: Smarphone Applications

Vikram Dendi, Automatic Language Translation for Dialogs

Mazin Gilbert, The AT&T Watson Engine and Platform: Voice Recognition and Beyond

Emmett Coin, Adaptive Conversational Moves in List Management

B201: Effective designs for mobile speech interfaces

Kathy Lee, Understanding Mobile Users

Diego Zanin, Designing Effective Voice Interfaces for Android

Dan Burnett, Trends in Speech Standard Development

B203: Platform and development options in enterprise applications

Paul S. Heirendt, Providing TRUST In A Cloud Centered World

Alex Duncan, Fight Talk – The Terror of Google Voice and Skype

Anton Ivanov, Just Say It: A Novel Approach to Open-Ended Questions

B205: Customer service technology options

Dena Skrbina, Streamlining the Multi-Channel Contact Center for Better Customer Experiences Across All Touchpoints

Robert Stewart, Network ASR Throwdown

Yoon Kim & Melvyn Hunt, Rapid Adaptation to Singapore English

B207: Effective use of text-to-speech technology

Niclas Bergstrom, Making Apps Talk!

Catherine Glidden Zhu, Tangible Techniques Simplified: Proper Design Methodologies for TTS

Farzad Ehsani, The Use of TTS in a Healthcare Setting


B209: Flexible user interactions in customer service and sales

Paolo Baggia, Multilingual Voice Applications: Issues and Solutions

Silke Witt-Ehsani, Personalization based Adaptive Dialog structures

Kevin Chatow, Deconstructing Natural Language for Better Customer Care


B211: Technology supporting mobile device applications

John Nogrady, Multilingual Voice Applications: Issues and Solutions

Stefanie Tomko, Speech in the Automobile

Patrick Ehlen & Michael Johnston, Multimodal Interaction and Grounding in Voice Search

Ajay Juneja, Building mobile Natural Language Applications with Speak With Me & Loquendo

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