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Mobile Voice Conference 2012 Presentations

Keynote Presentations

Vlad Sejnoha, Expanding Voice as a Mainstream Mobile Interface through Language Understanding

Marti Hearst, Put the Blame on VTR: When will Video and Audio Replace Text?

Vendor Day

Bill Scholz, Mobility and Voice Technology Drive Business Opportunities

Bill Meisel, The “Tipping Point” for Speech Technology: Strategic Impact and Company

Phil Sheehy, The Next-leap in Mobile Interaction: Leveraging Multimodality & Context-awareness in Mobile Apps

Jeff Rogers, Truly Hands Free Voice Control

Tia Jones, The Interface Evolution: How Voice is Changing Consumer Interactions with Devices, Systems and Services

Prasanna Perera, Voice-enabling the Social Network for the Consumer and the Enterprise

Gabi Ilan, Speech Recognition in Noisy Places

Laura Bramschreiber, Evolving Customer Experience in a Multi-Channel World

Mayur Anadkat, Creating Better Customer Relationships with an Integrated Mobile Strategy


Track 1: Mostly Technical

A101: Network-based speech resources: Voice technology in the cloud

Ahmed Bouzid, From IVR VUI to Smartphone VUI

José M. Recio, Rich Communication Suite Services as Complement to Voice CRM

Deborah Dahl, EMMA 1.1: Enriched Information from Speech and Multimodal Inputs


A103: Tools for creating multimodal customer service: Using all the capabilities of mobile devices

Deborah Dahl, Options for Multimodal Applications — Platforms, Standards, and Tools

Samrat Baul, Talking and Walking: Adaptive Mobile Voice User Interfaces

Nagesh Kharidi, Tools for Creating Multimodal Customer Service: Using all the Capabilities of Mobile Devices


A105: Talking to your car: Speech technology in the automobile

Tom Schalk, Mixing Speech and Vision in the Connected Car

Brigitte Richardson, Automotive Voice Applications: Hands-free and Intuitive

Brian Radloff, Connected Car Technology: Why Consumers and Content Need Voice

A107: Hosted and managed contact center solutions

Peter Voss, Connected Outsourcing the Management of Advanced Speech Applications

Terry Saeger, Managing the Mobile Customer Experience in the Contact Center


A109: Advanced speech techology options

Marie Meteer, More Data or More Knowledge? How to Move Speech Recognition Forward

Mazin Gilbert, Breaking Down the World’s Language Barriers with AT&T Spectra


A201: Mobile speech interfaces: Alternatives and effective design

Adithya Padala, Maximizing the Value of Speech Recognition on Mobile Devices

Heath Ahrens, Taking Speech Mainstream: Bringing it to the Mobile Development Community

Michael Johnston, Multimodality: From Mobile to the Living Room of the Future


A203: Considering mobility in contact center speech applications

Prasanna Perera, Things To Consider When Adding a Voice ‘Contact Us’ Button To Your Mobile App

Scott Kolman, Meeting Demands of Today’s Mobile Customers

A205: Embedded speech solutions: Making it work on the device

Todd Mozer, Handsfree Mobile Voice Control

Gabi Ilan, Technical Challenges in Speech Recognition in Vehicles and in Other Noisy Places

A207: Platform and development options in enterprise applications

Silke Witt-Ehsani, Automated Caller Experience Tracking

Mike Monegan, Rising to the Multimodal Design Challenge

Lupo Pape, Personalized Customer Self-Services in a Multichannel Environment

A209: Text-to-speech synthesis: Options and tradeoffs

Antoine Kauffeisen, Quality in Text to Speech: Text Without Meaning is but the Ruin of the Speech

Paul Welham, Text-to-Speech: Personify your Mobile


A211: Natural language interaction

Kevin Chatow, Delivering Smarter Multichannel Interactions by Understanding the Intent of the Caller

Pranav Patel, Applying Natural Language Across Multiple Communication Channels

James A. Larson, Should Intelligent Agents Listen and Speak to Us?


A213: Making the most of mobile user interface options: Technical issues and solutions

Patrick Ehlen, Multimodal Behaviors in Mobile Local Search

Deborah Dahl, Mobile Voice Standards

Larry Murphy, Things About Adding Speech to Smartphone Apps That You Were Afraid To Ask About


Track 2: Mostly Business

B101: Speech technology creates new opportunities

Gary Clayton, Voice and Predictive Input Transforms the Digital Living Room

Hassan Sawaf, Integrating Speech Technologies: Speech-to-Speech Translation and More

Dave Rich, Mobile Outbound Speech Applications and Options


B103: Speaker authentication and identification: Security and personalization

Priit Salumaa, Mobile Payment, Mobile Physical Access… Mobile Authentication for Everything!

Valene Skerpac, Top Multi-factor Voice Biometrics Strategies and Ramifications of the Cloud

Ariel Freidenberg, Voice Biometrics: Validating Identity via Voice


B105: Speech and Mobility

Ahmed Bouzid, Siri: 6 Months Later

Thomas Scheerbarth, Take Your Favourite into the Car – and Use it Safely While Driving

Alex Quilici, Visual Voicemail Delivers an Improved Mobile Experience

B107: Contact center deployments: Problem-solving and results

Bob Hockman, Preempt. Perform. Predict: Ensuring a High-Quality Voice Experience

Alan Pan, How To Leverage ALL Smartphone Capabilities for Enhanced Customer Service

E. Kelly Fitzsimmons, The Forgotten Media. Why Capturing Conversations Improves Business Results


B109: Speech in the automobile: Safety and usability

Laura Marino, Understanding Caller Interactions to Deliver Better Customer Experiences with End-to-End Call Analytics


B111: Voice search, personal assistants, and their evolution

Adeline Tang, Melvyn Hunt & Yoon Kim, SingTel deF!ND: Localized and Targeted Mobile Voice Search Deployment in Singapore

Roberto Pieraccini, From AUDREY to Siri: Is Speech Recognition a Solved Problem?


B201: Voice-based solutions

Travis True, Using a Smartphone-Based Voice Biometrics to Replace Passwords

Joachim Stegmann, The Road to Voicemail-to-Text in Germany

Valentine Matula, Flash-based HD Voice and Two Way Video Improves Collaboration and Speech Search


B203: Mobile personal assistants: Current status and goals

Raj Tumuluri, Building Portable Context-Aware Multimodal Mobile-Assistants

Mazin Gilbert, Personal Virtual Assistants: Art or Science?


B205: Changing expectations for contact centers in a mobile world: Friendly automation

Max Ball, Conversation Management in the Mobile Era

Dena Skrbina, Transforming the Customer Conversation with Natural Language Technology


B207: Mobile apps: Creativity required

Sara Basson, The Demand and the Challenges of Speech Offerings in Emerging Markets

Ron Croen, Technology Inspires Creative; Creative Challenges Technology

John Alfano, Voice Powered Web Services Data Mashups on All Platforms


B209: How far can we take the personal assistant model?

Sunil Vemuri, The Next Leaps in Personal Assistance: Context-Aware, Personalized, Proactive

Farzad Ehsani, The Use of Virtual Speech Agents in Healthcare

Emmett Coin, Multi-turn context sensitive exchanges will change the game

B211: Automated customer service: Making it work for customers and the company

Peter Leppik, Building an Effective Customer Feedback Program for Speech Applications

Peter Voss, Using Statistical Language Model Speech Recognition to Improve Call Automation

Robert Gary, Driving Usage and Self-Service Capabilities with the Next Generation of Mobile Enterprise Apps


B213: Patents: What’s new?

Brent Bersin, Evolution of Patent Litigation in the Telecommunications Industry

Brian Gustafson, Important Patent Law Changes Under the America Invents Act


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