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Mobile Voice Conference 2013 Presentations

Keynote Presentation

Daniel P. Siewiorek, Virtual Coaches in Healthcare: A Vision of the Future

Track 1: Trends and Business Applications

A101: The company mobile personal assistant: Close and continuous customer contact

Ahmed Bouzid, Deploying Specialized Personal Assistants

Gregory Pal, The Next Big Thing: Virtual Assistants In the App and Across Devices

A103: Key trends in mobility and speech technology

Ria Farrell Schalnat, Speech Trolls: Is It Getting Any Better?

Thomas Scheerbarth, Smartphones Conquer New Application Areas Showcases for In-Car and TV Usage

Dr. Inderpal Singh Mumick, Voice-Based Micro-Blogging


A105: Key trends in mobility and speech technology

Judith Markowitz, Beyond SIRI

Bachir Halimi, Speech Mobility Assistants in the Cloud

Shlomo Peller, Get Your Head Out of the Cloud: Embedded vs. Cloud Based Speech Processing

A107: Expectations for customer service in an increasingly mobile world

Mark Hanson, Driving the Customer Experience with Next-Generation, Speech-Enabled Mobile Apps

Peter Krogh, Touch, Text, Talk: Lessons from Production

Shai Berger, How Mobile Apps Are Saving the Contact Center


A109: Innovative uses of speech technology

Edward Miller, High Definition Audio to Enhance Recognition Quality

Bob Schoenfield, The Evolution of Advanced Voice and Speech Technology

A111: Expectations for customer service in an increasingly mobile world

Dave Rich, Back to the Future: The Personal Assistant of Tomorrow

Marsal Gavalda, Real-Time, Context-Aware Anticipatory Search


A113: Euro-Visions in speech technology

Detlev Artelt, Europe: Somewhat Different

Sébastien Bratières, Europe and North America in Speech Tech: Where Do We Stand?

Antoine Kauffeisen, One Voice Does Not Fit All


A201: Voice-based solutions

Qiguang Lin, Assistive Use of Speech Technology

Sunil Vemuri, reQall Rover: A Platform for Context-Smart Proactive Personal Assistance

James A. Larson, Evolutionary Paths to Multimodal Applications

A203: Mobile personal assistants: Current status and goals

Samrat Baul, Multi-Modal Apps for Real People

Tareq Ismail, Generality Versus Specificity in a Mobile Personal Assistant

Jeff Rogers, Mobile Personal Assistant, Always On and Listening


A205: Multiple modes of customer service: The evolution of the contact center

Peter Leppik, Agile Customer Feedback

Patrick Nguyen, Crossing Channels – Keeping Up with the Customer and the Context

Tobias Goebel, Going Beyond Voice: What the Mobile Revolution Will Mean to Customer Self-Service


A207: How far can we take the personal assistant model?

William Meisel, The Personal Assistant Model: The New Standard in User Interfaces?

Peter Voss, The Future of Personal Assistants

Lawrence Flynn, The Virtually Connected World


A209: The mobile worker: Enabling the human-computer connection

Sébastien Bratières, Mobile Voice Data Input for Industrial Applications

Brent White, Giving Voice to CRM Applications: Lessons from a Field Trial

Chris O’Connor, Day in the Life of a Sales Person: How Voice To CRM Is Changing How We Sell


A211: Mobile apps: Creativity required

Deborah Dahl, Mobile Voice Applications for M-Commerce

Yaron Oren, Building a Speech Platform for Mobile App Developers: Lessons Learned 20K Devs Later

Peter Boda, Visualized Interaction: Evaluation and Design of Multimodal Applications


Track 2: Technology and Best Practices

B101: Speech and language technology options

Roberto Pieraccini, Updates on Advanced Speech, Language, and Multimedia Research

Dr. W. Randolph Ford, Talking With Intelligent Systems Is Just Like Talking to a Person. Or Is It?

Raj Singh, Designing AI Interfaces

B103: Tools for creating speech and language-based applications

Farzad Ehsani, Virtual Travel Assistant

Peter Voss, Natural Language Applications with a Brain

Glen Shires, Web Speech API Creates Interactive Experiences


B105: Tools for creating multimodal customer service: Using all the capabilities of mobile devices

Emmett Coin, Mastering Multiple Modalities: An MMM Good Experience

Jeff Hopper, Mobile + Web + Speech = Better Delivery

David Frerichs, The Integration of Voice and Touch Into a Single Experience


B107: Talking to your car: Speech technology in the automobile

Dave McNamara, Automotive Voice: A Long Road, Much Progress with the End In Sight?

Thomas Schalk, Trends Toward Natural User Interfaces in the Car

B109: Hosted and managed contact center solutions

Paul Adams, Enabling a Hosted Mobile Experience in the Contact Center

Dan Miller, “Voice in the Cloud”: New Features, Functions and Revenue Models


B111: Advanced speech technology options

Marie Meteer, Looking Back to Move Forward: What Dialog Research Can Tell Us

Greg Aist, Creating a Hands-Free, Multi-Modal, Mixed Initiative Speech Experience for Automobile Navigation


B113: Advanced Dialog Workshop: A hands-on experience with a new speech dialog framework

Emmett Coin, CEO & Industrial Poet – ejTalk Corp.

B201: Mobile speech interfaces: Alternatives and effective design

Amy Neustein, The ‘In Touch’ Personal Assistant: Next Generation Emotionally Intelligent Mobile Devices

Mary Constance Parks, Focus and Flow in Speech Uis

June Hostetter, Text to Speech: A New Paradigm in the Mobile World

B203: Considering mobility in contact center speech applications

Valentine Matula, Mobile HTML5 WebRTC and the Evolving Impact to Contact Centers

Stephen Gay, Evangelizing Voice: Lessons Learned in Design Innovation


B205: Making it usable

Silke Witt, Usability Testing for Conversational Mobile Applications

Jenni McKienzie, Building Pretty Wrong Things

Marcus Graham, Making it Real

B207: Building mobile apps

Bradford Starkie, Gazunti – An Open Framework for Mobile Voice

Brian Garr, Multi-Channel, Multi-Lingual Natural Language User Interface

Nagesh Kharidi, Building Context-Aware Multimodal Mobile Apps Using W3C Open Standards

B209: Speaker authentication and identification: Security and personalization

Brett Beranek, Voice Biometrics – Going Mainstream via the Mobile Channel

Dr. Joachim Stegmann, Voice Biometry in Customer Service: A Proof-of-Concept in Germany

Julia Webb, The Importance of UI Design in Using Voice Biometrics

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