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Mobile Voice Conference 2015 Presentations

Keynote Presentation

Rob Chambers, Virtual assistants: Relationships with Personal Assistants, from the Assistants’ Point of View


Track 1: Applications and case studies

Challenges in practical natural language interaction

Jeanine Heck, Talking to My TV

Kathy Brown, A Smarter Natural Language for Virtual Agents


Personal assistants supporting internal company applications

Vinay Dwivedi, Giving Voice to the Enterprise (on Mobile and Wearable Virtual Assistant Apps)

The evolution of the contact center in a mobile world

Tajinder Singh, The New Triple Play: Voice, Chat, & App Integrated for Mobile Customer Engagement

Jordan Cohen, Voice interactions between the mobile user and the call center


Connecting with consumers

Nick van Terheyden, Wearables, Health and Voice – The Perfect Storm

Sunil Vemuri, Grow with the Future of Search and Apps

Personal assistants within the enterprise

Tom Minifie, The Evolution of the Personal Assistant

Filip Korc, Voice for the Industry Worker


Mobile apps: Creativity required

Lisa Falkson, Designing Effective Voice User Interfaces for the Connected Car

Ben Klang, The Core Elements of Multi-modal Voice Applications

Making a call center feel like a personal assistant

Phil Gray, Challenges associated with creating natural language interfaces

Tom Lewis, Conversational IVRs: Delivering effective customer service


Mobile personal assistants: Current status and goals

Michael Johnston, Multimodal Virtual Assistants for Consumer and Enterprise

William Meisel, Company-specific virtual assistants: Necessities and possibilities


Creating effective virtual agents

Amy Stapleton, Characteristics of Highly Effective Enterprise Intelligent Assistants

Tony Ballardie, Intelligent voice control for eCommerce


Personal assistants in health and healthcare

Jonathon Dreyer, Your Virtual Physician Will See You Now

Jennifer Snell & Laura Kusumoto, Case Study: Virtual Assistants for Healthcare (Snell)Case Study: Virtual Assistants for Healthcare (Kasumoto)

Farzad Ehsani, A voice-centered multimodal wellness app


Talking to a computer: A deeper look

Marsal Gavalda, Listening to everyone (or how to avoid a societal “speech divide”)

Judith Markowitz, Robots, Speech, and Eldercare

Christina Apatow, Making IoT Conversational


Natural language and the Internet of Things

Wolf Paulus, VUI in Wearables and the IoT, technical possibilities and challenges

Deborah Dahl, Natural Language Interaction with the Web of Things

Yoryos Yeracaris, The Interface of Things: delivering real-world natural language understanding solutions


Special session :: Creating a dialog: An in-depth look at the process

K.W.(Bill) Scholz, Marie Meteer, Lorin Wilde & Emmett Coin, Creating an Advanced Dialog Application, An in-depth look at the process

Track 2: Technologies and tools

Text-to-speech status and options

Peter Cahill, Technologies of Tomorrow

Dan Bagley, Enhanced flexibility in text-to-speech: Customization and personality


Natural language approaches and issues

Andy Peart, Risky Business: Why implementing natural language into the enterprise is a double-edged sword

Brian Garr, Understand and extracting meaning from unstructured or conversational text across languages


Building a conversational application

Sebastien Bratieres, A developer’s tour of affordable options for mobile speech recognition

Peter Leppik, A/B Testing with User Feedback

Wayne Scholar, Creating an Omni-Channel Conversational Application with Intelligent Virtual Agents


Speech interaction in the automobile

Yvonne Gloria, Is natural language the future of speech interaction in the vehicle?

Susan Hura, Worst Practices in Automotive Speech Interfaces


Deploying natural language solutions

Wolf Paulus, Natural Language Understanding – Bridging the gap between Speech Recognition and Application/Business Logic

Chester Anderson, Cloud Translation: A Speech Recognition Market Opportunity


Technology options and issues

Tom Dibert, Training data for speech recognition: the Value versus Volume continuum

Ingmar Kliche, Utilizing video streaming for company service assistant applications

Dean Neumann, The challenges of speech interaction for low-power devices


Tools you can use

Andre Natal, Web Speech API at Firefox OS – A different approach

Sara Basson, Cognitive Learning Content: A vision for how to make learning deeply engaging as well as intuitive


Integrating voice with other modes of user interaction

James A Larson, GUI Meets VUI: Some Possible Guidelines

Thomas Schalk, Automotive UI: Multimodal Design Considerations


A deeper look at the technology

Sebastien Bratieres, Deep learning in speech recognition: key insights

Jeff Rogers, Combining Voice and Vision for an Improved Sensory Experience


The role of cognitive computing and AI

David Nahamoo, Cognitive Computing: Automating and Augmenting Human Intelligence

Rick Collins, Voice and The New Enterprise AI Stack


Analytics for insights

Jeh Daruvala, Analytics for insights: Understanding your customer and your system

Michael Dwyer, The Future of Customer Analytics

Speaker authentication: Biometrics and security

Paul Heirendt, Voice Biometrics in Insurance Claims and Customer Insurance

Jesus Aragon, Voice Biometrics Securing Mobile Transactions

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