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Mobile Voice Conference 2016 Presentations

Monday, April 11  |  Track 1: Trends and applications

How language can make digital technology more accessible to all

Nea Hanscomb, Speech Recognition Game Apps for Children with Severe Autism and Speech Impairments


Specialized digital assistants: Experts in their domain

Phil Gray, The Rise of Intelligent Virtual Assistants

Roberto Sicconi, How to Improve 12% of Your Life


Call centers: Automation with natural language

Jim Archbold, Using Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language, and Speech Recognition to Engage Customers

Steve Prodger, The Impact of AI Advances on the Customer Experience

Pranav Patel, Customer Experience Management Multi-channel Solution


Specialized digital assistants: Intuitive engagement

Nick Landry, Building Windows 10 Universal Apps with Speech and Cortana

William Meisel, Creating Specialized Digital Assistants: The Process and Resources


Enterprise applications and the Language User Interface

Robert Harris, The Roadblocks to Enterprise Adoption of Speech Technology

Jeremy Foster, Document Everything. With Voice.

Creating efficiencies in the workplace with language technology

Jesse Montgomery, Bringing Together Wearable Devices and Speech Technology in the Retail Environment

Vinay Dwivedi, Intelligent Mobile Apps in the Enterprise

Tuesday, April 12  |  Track 1: Trends and applications

Voice technology creating market opportunities

Amy Stapleton, Conversational Toys and Devices

Anil Yadav, Dynamics of E-commerce in the Era of Voice Intelligence


The ultimate mobile device: The automobile user interface

Thomas Schalk, Speech Interfaces in the Car

Lisa Falkson, Optimizing Multimodal Interfaces for Speech Systems in the Automobile


Case studies: Efficiency through voice interaction

Reid Coleman, How a Voice-enabled, Virtual Assistant Improved Care Delivery, Physician Workflow Across a     Network of Long-term Acute Care Facilities

John Swansey, The Future of Food: Voice Capture in Agriculture


Major trends in conversational applications

Nava Shaked, Multimodal conversational  agents

Sonja Petrović Lundberg, The Lifecycle of a Natural Language Interface


Case studies: Conversational apps

Ilya Gelfenbeyn, User Interface: Conversation is the Final Frontier


Improving healthcare with digital assistants

Charles Jankowski & Ann Thyme-Gobbel, 22otters: A Targeted, Customizable, Intelligent Personal Assistant for Patient Care

Cathy Pearl, Conversations with a Virtual Nurse Makes Patients Healthier and Happier


Practical considerations in building voice assistants

Jeh Daruvala, Talking Computers as Sales Agents

San Vasisht, Voice Assistant Adoption & Attitudes


Monday, April 11  |  Track 2: Getting it done

Building natural language and cognitive solutions

Kashif Kahn, Natural Language Understanding on Low-End Embedded Platforms

David Nahamoo, Watson Developer Cloud: A Platform for Cognitive Solutions


Speaker authentication: Security and personalization

Susan Hura, Balancing Security and User Expectations for Authentication

Locke Chastaine, Speaker Authentication: Biometrics and Security


Integrating voice and visual interaction

Balaji Narayana, Combining Voice and Visual Interfaces in Conversational Applications

Edgar Kalns, A Conversational, Multi-modal Virtual Personal Assistant


Making conversational solutions work

Emmett Coin, Predicting Conversational Moves via Contextual Semantic Trajectories

Jeff Adams, Adapting Speech Technology to Fit Your Application


Creative options in delivering natural interaction

William Meisel, The Art of Natural Language Interpretation

Fathy Yassa, SoundAlike, A Fast Shortcut to Voice Conversion


Approaches to speech and natural language processing

Kathy Brown, Solving the Duality of Natural Language Processing with MLNLP, Multi-layer Natural Language Processing

Brian Garr, Statistical vs Semantic Natural Language Interpretation: Pros and Cons

Tuesday, April 12  |  Track 2: Getting it done

Automating a conversation: Approaches to a full dialog

K.W. (Bill) Scholz, Assessing Dialog Management Systems: Metrics for Evaluation

Deborah Dahl, LUI 2.0: Next steps in the Language User Interface


Options with virtual assistants

Paul Heirendt, Personal Virtual Assistants Are Not Enough?

Alex Quilici, The Evolution of Voicemail


Solving Digital Overload

James Larson, Digital Overload: What to Do About It


Things you need to know!

Jordan Cohen, The Effect of the Alice Supreme Court Ruling Re Computer-implemented Patents on Speech Patents

Paul Spierings, The Critical Role of Testing in the Customer Experience Innovation Lifecycle


Key supporting technology

Dan Bagely, What to Look for in Text-to-speech Technology

Andy Peart, Why We Don’t Talk Anymore: How Natural Language Delivers the Intimacy to Bring Customers Closer


Talking to things: Usability through language

Deborah Dahl, The Language User Interface to the Internet of Things: Tools, Standards and Resources

Roberto Pieraccini, Social Robots:  Challenges and Solutions


Building natural language applications

Wolf Paulus, Natural Language for Developers – beyond declaring User Intents

Gurpreet Singh, Exploring, Developing, and Deploying Voice Applications on the Big Four, The Ultimate Test of Innovation Culture at the Enterprise Level

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