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Our Proposed Solution

Section I: Our Proposed Solution

  1. 4-layer architecture

  2. Function of each layer.

    1. IVR Client
      a.k.a. VoiceXML (or HTML or other channel) browser

    2. Application server (presentation layer):
      Generates VoiceXML (or other channel).
      This is channel-dependent.

    3. Dialog manager
      a.k.a. Dialog management expert (cross-channel)
      a.k.a. Interaction manager
      Build service logic once, regardless of the channel.


      1. Simultaneous visual, voice, … (a.k.a. “multimodal”)

      2. Has a channel independent dialog manager.

      3. Can seamlessly switch between contexts.

      4. This layer is
        * Multimodal
        * Channel-independent.
        * Maintains context.
        Channel examples: Voice w/IVR, web, human agent, online chat, email response, interactive IPTV, multimodal cell/VoIP phones.

    4. Domain-specific manager
      a.k.a. Domain-specific expert (diagnostics, etc.)
      a.k.a. domain-specific management engine.

  3. Why do we need 4 layers?

  4. How this framework morphs to accommodate various AD methods.

  5. Distribution of dialog responsibility across servers.

  6. Illustrative examples (show architecture diagrams)
    We show that these fit the 4-layer architecture.
    These are only examples – there are more.


    1. Trivial static VoiceXML application.

    2. Trivial app server with FSM generating VXML.

    3. More comprehensive example like case-based reasoning

Section II: Integrating with existing standards

  1. Mention existing standards: VoiceXML/V3, CCXML, SCXML, EMMA, MRCP, SRGS, SLAML, …

  2. Dialog control distribution– AJAX or client-side scripting

  3. Multimodality and channel independence

Section III: Open Questions

  1. How do you integrate AD dialogs & VXML?

  2. Is there a path forward for standards?

  3. How do we handle a variety of AD methods?

  4. How to make AD applications easier to build?

  5. Performance issues (Jean-Francois)

  6. Is dialog control on the left or right?

  7. Active vs. passive?

  8. How to build a PhD-free development tool

  9. We still need to handle non-AD applications

  10. Handles parallel, asynchronous dialog events.


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