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West Coast / Silicon Valley Chapter

AVIOS-Silicon Valley Local Chapter Meeting

Thursday, January 16, 2020

5:00 - 7:30 pm

Oracle Corporate Headquarters in Redwood Shores

200 Oracle Pkwy · Redwood City, CA

   There is no admission fee, but you must register to confirm your attendance. 


There will be 3 presentations, along with time for networking.



  • Talk 1 - Ben Reaves, our first speaker will talk about the complex world of mental health and how machine learning was to help daignosis. His talk will be titled, 'Detection of Clinical Depression by Machine Learning - Lessons Learned'.


  • Talk 2 - Joseph Tyler, our second speaker of the day leads the conversational design team at and will present on the topic of personalization of experiences in the health care industry.

  • Talk 3 - Richard Miller, our third speaker of the day will present on what techniques of analysis are used by a team that delivers enterprise grade conversational experiences at Oracle. His talk is titled, Analytics and the kitchen sink - Comparing and contrasting various analysis techniques for care and feeding of conversational assistants

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