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The Alexa Prize

Amazon’s university competition to advance “conversational” dialog systems has attracted talent from around the world. This “channel” on the dialog exchange will provide some background on the teams and report on how they are doing. Here’s the Alexa Prize site and here are the teams:

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Sponsored Teams

  • Carnegie Mellon University: CMU Magnus

  • Carnegie Mellon University: Ruby Star

  • Czech Technical University in Prague: Alquist

  • Heriot-Watt University: What’s Up Bot

  • Princeton University: Pixie

  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: Wise Macaw

  • University of California Berkeley: Eigen

  • University of California Santa Cruz: SlugBot

  • University of Edinburgh: Edina

  • University of Montreal: MILA Team

  • University of Trento: Roving Mind

  • University of Washington: Sounding Board

Unsponsored Teams

  • Brandeis University: DeisBot

  • Columbia University: Wallace

  • Emory University: Emerson

  • Harvard University: HarvardNLP

  • Seoul National University: Chatty Chat

  • University of Bonn: Krantikari



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