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Speech Resources

The VoiceXML Forum

The VoiceXML Forum is a global industry organization that works to accelerate the adoption of VoiceXML and adjacent technologies.

Multimodal Interaction Working Group

The Multimodal Interaction Activity seeks to extend the Web to allow users to dynamically select the most appropriate mode of interaction for their current needs, including any disabilities, while enabling developers to provide an effective user interface for whichever modes the user selects.

The Voice Browser Working Group

The Voice Browser Working Group’s mission is to support browsing the web by voice. The web is much more than just the web pages you can see, it is also the web pages you can hear and speak to. While end users are familiar with interacting with visual html web pages rendered in their browser of choice, many users might be surprised to realize that today they regularly interact with the voice web through VoiceXML (VXML) and other technologies developed and standardized by the Voice Browser Working Group.

Speech Technology Consortium

The STC is dedicated to helping grow the market and increase innovation in speech recognition technology and applications. The STC aims to foster an environment of cooperation among companies, universities, and research institutions.

AFEKA Conference for Speech Processing

Organized by the Afeka Academic College of Engineering and the Afeka Center for Language Processing (ACLP), the annual Afeka Conference for Speech Processing offers the academic and industrial speech communities a unique forum for coming together, raising relevant issues, sharing accomplishments and establishing collaborations. The annual conference attracts a growing number of researchers from the academia and marketing and R&D professionals from various industry companies, such as; technology and application developers, platform providers, system integrators and end-customers.

Special Interest Group on Discourse and Dialog (SIGDIAL).

SIGDIAL aims to promote the development and distribution of reusable discourse processing components, explore techniques for evaluation of dialogue systems, share resources and data among the international community by the promotion and development of publication, collaboration among developers of differing dialogue system components, and the support of student participation in the community’s dialogues.

Voice and Speech Specialists

We’re a LinkedIn group group mad up of people that have careers or interests in all technologies that incorporate voice. Speech recognition and text to speech technologies and disciplines of all types are also represented here; embedded, call center, sight impaired, and many others. Many members are University professors, students, employees of Genesys, Avaya, Cisco, Alcatel, IBM, HP, Nuance, Loquendo and Vocollect.

Association for Voice Interaction Design

AVIxD began organizing informally in 2008 as an association which coalesced out of the informal VUIDs Yahoo! group. We are continuing to explore what level of formality is best and how to leverage our resources, knowledge, and position in the industry. You are invited to join the cause!

Speech Technology Magazine

Speech Technology Magazine is the industry leading magazine about speech technology with daily blogs, informative articles, and industry insights and news. The parent company, Information Today, Inc. is also the organizer of the annual SpeechTEK Conference.

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