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Voice Search Conference 2009 Presentations

Track A:

A101: Delivering Voice Search Solutions

David Mitby, Voice Search for Everyday Life

Time Paek, Search Vox: Leveraging Multimodal Refinement and Partial Knowledge for Mobile Voice Search

Emmett Coin, Synthetic Agent Relationship Adaptation Via Meta-Dialog


A102: Supporting Unstructured Searches

Leslie Spring, An Overview of SILVIA, a Conversational AI

Bradford Starkie, Pronunciation Tuning for Voice Search

James Larson, Voice Search and the Semantic Web

Samrat Baul, Finding the Needle in the Haystack: Context-based, Unstructured Search


A103: The Voice User Interface in Voice Search

Matt Yuschik, Multimodal Voice Search in the Call Center

Thomas Schalk, Multimodal Voice Search in the Call Center

Ali Mischke, UI Design Talk


A104: Multimodality with Embedded and Network Speech Technology

Deborah Dahl, Frontiers in Interaction: The Power of Multimodal Standards


A105: Advanced Applications and Technology

Paolo Baggia, PLS, a New Standard for Pronunciation Lexicons

Jay Wilpon and Giuseppe Di Fabbrizio, Mash it up! – A Speech Mashup Framework for Mobile Voice Search

Peter Trompetter, Natural Language Applications and the iPhone

Sara Basson, Rajesh Balchandran, Mark Epstein, Martin Labsky, and Larry Sansone, Conversational Interface to Manage TV Content


A201: Innovative mobile applications

Mike Phllips, vlingo Mobile Search Making it Simple

Yvonne Chou, What People do with Voice Search Services

Amit Desai, Mobile Voice Search Expands Telematics Opportunities

Kent Wittenburg, Voice Search while Driving: Is it Safe?


A202: Business Directories and Local Search

Jordan Cohen, And You Are Paying For That?

Geoffrey Infeld, Selling Voice Products to the Local SMB: What They Want. What They Really Need…And How to Capture This Lucrative Market


A203: Contact Center Solutions

Callan Schebella, Voice Search as an Enhancement to Traditional IVR Interactions

Gerd Graumann, The ROI of Speech – Stretching the Contact Center Dollar

Remus Siclvoan, Leveraging Speech Technology in Healthcare


A204: Voice Search in Contact Centers

Todd Woodstra, Voice to Text Transforming the Contact Center

Diego Lomanto, Customer Focused Analytics


A301: Mobility Applications

Joe Wölful, Voice Search of Connected Databases

Keyvan Mohajer, Mobile Voice Search: Maximizing the Potential of Mobile Devices

Melvyn Hunt, Combining “Open” and “Closed” Voice Search

M. Mobeen Khan, Selecting, Building and Deploying Successful Voice-enabled Mobile Applications


A302: Audio Search and Speech Analytics

Diego Lomanto, Mining Customer Interactions for Value – Speech Analytics Best Practices and Case Studies in the Contact Center

Michael Ullrich, Doing More With Less. How Speech Analytics Improves Operational Efficiencies and the Customer Experience


A303: Supporting Mobility in Contact Centers

Hetal Pandya, Mobile Care: An Extension of the Call Center

Roberto Pieraccini, Multi-Modal/Multi-Channel Enterprise Voice Search: the Future of Customer Care


Track B:

B101: Directory Assistance and Local Search

Mike Lubben, Reaching The DA Automation Rate Inflection Point


B102: Creative Technology and Applications

Melvyn Hunt, Embedded Voice Search on Mobile Devices

Nikos Chatzichrisafis, SVOX, When in Rome, Talk as the Romans


B103: Efficient Dialogs and Search in Contact Centers

Alim Gafar, Multimodal Customer Care on 3G Mobile Phones

Stephen Keller, Using Weights in SRGS to Increase Accuracy

David Winarsky, Expanding the Call Centre Through Mobile Self Service


B104: Searching Audio/Video Files and Speech Analytics

Marsal Gavalda, Market-Proven Applications of Media Search and Speech Analytics

Gad Oren, Speech-to-Text & Audio Search Engines Based on a Generic Phoneme Recognizer


B105: Call Center Technology and Application Execution

Rosanna Duce, Loquendo’s Best of Breed Speech Technologies and TTS/ASR Samples

Paul Watson, Voice Authentication On-Demand – Your Voice as Your Key

RJ Auburn, ABC, Voice Applications easy as 123 with Prophecy Designer


B201: Multimodal User Interfaces

Gary Wright, A Year Using Voice Search

James Larson, Speech Search VS Touch Sensitive Screens: Who Will Win the Mobile User Interface War?

Mazin Gilbert, Multimodal Voice Search for Interactive Media

K. W. (Bill) Scholz, Developing IVVR Applications for Teaching and Customer Self Service


B202: Delivery Platforms and Services

Davide Bonardo, Loquendo TTS Director: the Next Generation in Authoring Tools for Speech Synthesis

Bruce Pollock, Hosted or Premise-based Voice Solutions: Key Issues to Consider in Lean Economic Times

Rob Chambers, Speech as a Service – How to Put Your Speech Solution in the Cloud


B203: Technology Supporting Voice Search

Gad Oren, Speech to Text & Audio Search Engine Based on a Phoneme Recognizer

Valentine Matula, Production Speech Experience Applied to Voice Search Applications

Melvyn J. Hunt, A New Kind of Distributed Speech Recognition for Mobile Voice Search with Special Relevance to the iPhone


B204: Approaches to Application Development

Paolo Baggia, Emotion in Speech Technologies

Ron Owens, The Impact of Presence and Location-Based Services on Application Development

Craig Campbell, Personalized Speech – TTS options from the Kernel to the Cloud


B301: Audio/Video Search on the Web and in the Enterprise

Kyle Morton, Universal SEO: Bringing Audio and Video Content to the Search Economy

Gad Oren, Enhancing Speech to Text with Semantics


B302: Making Mobile Devices and Services More Usable

Todd Mozer, Voice Control and Search through Bluetooth Headsets

Catherine Glidden Zhu, User Interface Design Challenges in Multimodal Interaction

Brad Bargen, Integrating Voice and Predictive Text to Simplify the User Interface

Michael Greene, Enhancing Accessibility and Personalization Through Senior Friendly Design


B303: Managing Communications and Contacts

Steve Gutierrez, Unifying Networks for Unified Communications

Spencer Murray, Leveraging Speech Analytics: New Approaches to Uncovering Critical Insights on Quality

Peter Diedrich, Voice Activated Communications: A Platform Approach to New Revenue and Enhanced User Experience

Igor Jablokov, Voicemail-to-Text Conversion: The Payoff



Keynote panel: Challenges and solutions in voice search technology

Marsal Gavalda, Director of Incubation, Nexidia, Inc.; Melvyn Hunt, Co-founder, Novauris Technologies; Johan Schalkwyk, Senior Staff Engineer, Google

Speaking to the Web, the World, and Each Other: The Future of Voice and the Mobile Internet

Marc Davis, Chief Scientist, Yahoo! Connected Life

Keynote panel: Voice Search: Evolution or Breakthrough?

James Larson, VP, Larson Technical Services; Michael Cohen, Manager, Speech Technology Group, Google; Rob Chambers, Principal Group Program Manager, Speech Components Group, Microsoft

Sponsor forum: Product Announcements and Features

Joe Bentzel, Chief Marketing Officer, SpeechCycle; Yoon Kim, CEO, Novauris Technologies, Novauris Technologies; Paolo Baggia, Director of International Standards, Loquendo

Keynote Panel: How Will Contact Centers Evolve in the Voice Search Era?

Joe Bentzel, Chief Marketing Officer, SpeechCycle; Ron Owens, Director Professional Services, Communications Enabled Business Solutions, Nortel; Monique Bozeman, Principal Analyst, Monique Bozeman Consulting

The Role of Patents and Intellectual Property in Speech Technology and Business Decisions

Eleanor Farrell Schalnat, Counsel, Frost Brown Todd; President, Cincinnati Intellectual Property Law Association; Paul Skiermont, Partner, Bartlit Beck Herman Palenchar & Scott LLP; Chris Marchese, Principal, Fish & Richardson P.C.; Chip D’Angelo, Principal and Co-Founder, 1790 Analytics and 1790 Capital

Key Messages from the Conference: New paradigms or more of the same?

Bill Meisel, President, TMA Associates; Rosanna Duce, VP International Sales, Loquendo; David Nahamoo, Speech Business Strategist & CTO, IBM Research

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