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Voice Biometrics Technology Forum

The goal of the VB Tech Forum is to construct a coherent infrastructure for designing, developing, and deploying good VB applications and services. That infrastructure will include communication about and understanding of the following:


  • state-of-the art of VB technology for telephony and non-telephony environments

  • best practices for developing a VB business case, development team, and solution

  • security and privacy regulation and legislation that affect VB deployments

  • performance in adverse conditions (e.g., mobile environments)

  • social, cultural, and ethical considerations

  • testing and evaluation of designs and deployments

  • standards, such as EMMA, MRCP V2, VoiceXML 3.X, INCITS 456, and ISO 19092


All developers, managers, security professionals and others interested in the VB Tech Forum please contact the chair, Judith Markowitz, at

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