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Voice Search Conference 2008 Presentations

Track A: AVIOS Applied Voice Technology Seminar

A102: Delivering high-volume voice search applications

Joe Cardillo, Guided Self Service: Secret Agents Supporting Speech

Valentine Matula, Extending Production Speech Experience to Voice Search Applications


A103: Dealing with unstructured searches

Jim Larson, Search Using Metadata

Judith Markowitz, The Power Beneath

Mike Phillips, Adaptive HLMs: The Next Generation of Language Modeling


A104: The Voice User Interface in Voice Search

Charles Galles, People Say the Darnedest Things


A105: Standards and multimodality

Deborah Dahl, New W3C Standards for Speech and Multimodal Applications

Juan Gilbert, Prime III: One Machine, One Vote for Everyone


A106: Special topics in Voice Search

David Brigida, Real Time Translation as a Service

Gad Oren, True Phonemic-Based Speech Recognition

Peter Trompetter, Reduce Application Cost of Ownership with Conversational Dialogue

Veeru Ramaswamy, Speech Compression for ASRs in Voice Search Applications


Track A: Applications, Strategy, Business Models & Marketing

A201: Business models in voice search

Mike Wehrs, Mobile Search Drives New Opportunities for Ad Revenue

Roger Nunn, When the ROI Works: Speech Applications for Ads and Direct Response


A203: Searching audio/video sources on the Web and in enterprises

Alexander Castro, Maximizing Online Video’s Potential Requires Changing the Way We Think About Search and Advertising


A205: Delivering relevant ads

Frank Riva, The Art of Delivering Meaningful and Relevant Voice Ads

Todd Rose, Voice Search Technology: Delivering Relevant Audio Ads


A301: Speech and Mobility

Mike Wehrs, Mobile Search Deployments


A302: Applications of Voice Search II

Joe Wölful, Selecting the Right Speech Recognition Technology for Your Application

Nick Quain, CellWand

Nitendra Rajput, World Wide Telecom Web: providing an ocean for voice search …

Todd Mozer, Bluetooth Headsets as a Voice Search Client


A303: Agent support of automation in services

Jim Bonasera, Reasons Why Agent-Assisted Speech IVR is Important to the Customer Experience

Llance Kezner, Guided Self-Service: Making Speech Easier to Adopt

Track B: Design Strategies, Tools & Delivery Platforms

B102: Directory assistance

Garry Galinsky, Human Voice Automation

Susan Wilson, Nuance Voice Search Directory Assistance


B103: Contact center automation and analytics

Paul Peacock, Proactively managing the challenges arising from increased adoption of Voice Search

Pat Peterson, AVOKE Caller Experience Analytics — Demo

Paul Watson, Effective Call Center Automation and Agent Support


B104: Local and general mobile search

John Elliott, Voice User Interfaces — Unlocking Data Service on Mobile Phones


B105: Innovative Speech Technology

Gad Oren, True Phonemic-Based Speech Recognition

Gerd Graumann, Tuning Speech Applications for Success

Yoon Kim and Melvyn Hunt, Single-Input Voice Search for Mobile — including very long lists

Monica Bisacca, Innovative speech technology


B106: Supporting speech technology

Nikos Chatzichrisafis, SVOX Mobile: Meeting Quality Expectations in Over 30 Languages

Paul Welham, CereProc

Hans Wang, Small Array Microphone: The Enabler of Voice Search


B201: Multimodal user interfaces

Collin Holmes, V-ENABLE

Tom Schalk, Multimodal Search in Mobile Devices


B203: Dialog strategies for voice search

Kent Wittenburg, Voice Search Without Errors: Impossible Dream?

Melvyn Hunt, Natural Language Input for Voice Search


B204: The role of standards

Bill Scholz, Advanced Dialog Management: Emerging standards for managing advanced dialog on server and client

David Thomson, New Standards for Speech Development

Jean Fracois Gyss, Benefits of metalanguages for rolling out natural language applications


B205: Voice hosting: Outsourcing the voice infrastructure or application

RJ Auburn, “The” Question: Hosted or Premise?


B301: Converting voicemail to text

Anthony Bladon, Voicemail Search: A New Frontier

David Thomson, Voicemail Transcription for Autoattendants


B302: International and multilingual services

Alan Knipe, Cultural Differences in Designing Speech Interfaces for Former British Colonies in Asia

Detlev Artelt, A Look at the Europe Voice Search Market


B303: “Personal assistant” and avatar services

Bachir Halimi Very Personal, Personal Assistants for Mobile People

Track C: Call Center automation & Unified Communications

C201: The impact of voice search and mobile ads on call centers

Bill Meisel, The Voice Search Paradigm in Call Centers: Just Say It!

Joe Alwan, Analytics — The Key To Agility and Thriving On Change

Patrick Nguyen, Machine Over Human: Speech Applications Take Direct Response Orders


C202: Customer-friendly call center applications

Remus Siclovan, Leveraging Speech Technology

Gary Wright, Thinking Like Callers


C203: Infrastructure for contact centers adapting to Voice Search

Jeff Galino and Brian Derr, Leveraging Speech Analytics to Drive Improved Contact Center Performance

Steve McCoy, IVR in Virtual ACD Solutions


C204: Supporting mobile devices in call center applications

Jeff Campbell, Mobile, Multimodal Interactions with the Contact Center


C205: Speech analytics for business intelligence

Anna Convery, Structuring Voice of Customer Data to Unlock Business Intelligence

Jeff Gallino, How Uncovering Key Business Intelligence Can Save Revenue from Dropping Off the Bottom Line

Mark Pfeiffer, Podmining® — SAILing the multimedia web

Pat Peterson, Analytics for Operational Business Intelligence


C301: Improving the user experience

Jim Larson, Voice Search Query Structure

Paolo Baggia, Flexible and Robust ASR Grammars

Stephen Keller, Speech Tuning: Practical Tips to Improve Performance


C302: Agents and automation

Jeff Wiles, Dynamic Customer Experiences

Matt Yuschik, Speech Tuning: Practical Tips to Improve Performance


C303: Managing communications

Dustin Donaldson, Putting the Unified in Unified Communications

Lupo Pape, A Vision for the Personal Assistant

Mike Berlin, Deploying Unified Messaging with an Evolving Telephony Infrastructure

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