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Mobile Voice Conference 2014 Presentations

Tutorial and Hands-on Workshop

Building and Advanced Dialog Application

Marie Meteer, What’s “Advanced Dialog”

Emmett Coin, Building an Advanced Dialog Application: Creating a Personal Assistant


Keynote Presentations

Robert Weideman, Virtual assistants: Transforming the customer experience for the enterprise

Rick Osterloh, Trends in Mobile Phones


Track 1: Trends and Business Applications

A101: Mobility, Voice, and Efficiency

Brent White, Giving voice to the sales cloud

Moshe Kogos, Voice to Text: Emerging Solutions

A103: Mobile personal assistants: The impact on user expectations

William Meisel, Natural language as a means of unifying applications and features

Marsal Gavalda, The Evolution of Personal Assistants: from Science Fiction to Reality to the Transparent Brain


A105: The evolution of the contact center in a mobile world

James A. Larson, The Future of IVR Systems in the Mobile Era

Howard Lee, How Siri has changed the call center: new best practices


A107: Company-specific personal assistants

Mark Hanson, Driving the Customer Experience with Next-Generation, Speech-Enabled Mobile Apps

Anna Wichansky, Engineering a Quality User Experience for Mobile Speech Enterprise Applications

Raj Tumuluri, Enterprise Virtual Assistants for Knowledge Workers


A109: Personal assistants within the enterprise

Raj Tumuluri, Effective deployment of virtual assistants within the enterprise

Bachir Halimi, Virtual Business Assistants


A111: Mobile apps: Creativity required

Thomas Scheerbarth, Smartphones – how users can benefit from smart voice applications – at home and underway

Peter Lasensky, Put your money where your mouth is


A201: Advertising and market intelligence in voice systems

William Meisel, The Power of Voice in Mobile Marketing

Peter Leppik, Collecting Actionable Customer Feedback


A203: Mobile personal assistants: Current status and goals

Sean Brown, General Personal Assistant and Voice Search Options

Andy Peart, Making the ubiquitous personal assistant a reality


A205: Multiple modes of customer service: The evolution of the contact center

Matt Yuschik, Multimodality For Mobile Banking

Mike Monegan, Driving Omnichannel Customer Service with Mobile Devices


A207: The mobile worker: Enabling the human-computer connection

Robert Harris, Unified Communications and BYOD

Sébastien Bratières, Speech-driven applications in industry


A209: What’s going on: Analytics for insights

Navdeep Alam, Transforming raw data to profitable intelligence in mobile networks

Joachim Stegmann, Voice Analytics in Customer Service

Track 2: Technology and Best Practices

B101: Mobile speech interfaces: Alternatives and effective design

Benjamin A, Automotive Speech Application in the Post-Siri Era

Egor Naumov, The Importance of Voice Interaction APIs for Mobile Apps and Smart Devices

Ajay Juneja, Client vs. Server? How about both?


B103: Considering mobility in contact center speech applications

Valentine Matula, HTML5 and WebRTC Will Change the Use of Speech Technology in Customer Service: Understanding and Planning

Bruce Pollock, The Continued Evolution of Multi-Channel customer communication; real-life examples and issues for consideration

B105: Effective mobile speech applications

Bradley Music, Voice in situ: collecting global speech data

Silke Witt-Ehsani, An Intelligent Assistant for Wellness

Stan Kinsey, Trends in mobile user interaction: Voice Command Wearables


B107: Effective user interface design

Thomas Schalk, Speech in the Car: Improving User Satisfaction

Jeanine Heck, Talking to My TV

Wolf Paulus, Emotional Prosody


B109: Interpreting natural language

Phil Shinn, It is not known why Zipf’s law holds for most languages

Richard Wallace, AIML 2.0 – Virtual assistant technology for a mobile era

Brian Garr, A Semantic Interlingua; making all NLU multilingual

B111: Trends in mobile user interaction

Paul Liu, Intelligent Voice

Nick Roche, Always On, Always Listening, Always Understanding

B201: Building multimodal mobile apps

Deborah Dahl, Technologies, Tools, and Standards for Multimodal Application Development

Sean Brown, Use the Full Power of the Mobile Device: The Latest of Multimodal Designs


B203: Natural language in customer service automation

Yoryos Yeracaris, Using ASR with Human Assist in Mobile Applications

Sébastien Bratières, Voice-enabled CRM


B205: Hands-free: Voice-only interactions

Jeff Rogers, TrulyHandsfree, today and tomorrow

Brian Radloff, Voice-Only Solutions for the Connected Cars

Alexandros Tsilfidis, Indoor voice processing: the need for specialized voice engines


B207: Speech and natural language: Where are we now, and where are we heading?

Francesco Cutugno, Are we ready to add emotive feedback to mobile speech interfaces?

Roberto Pieraccini, Speech and natural language. A research update

Jordan Cohen & Fathy Yassa, Speech morphing – an easy way to change heads


B209: Speaker authentication and identification: Security and personalization

Bryan Chaney, The Case for Bi-modal authentication on mobile devices

Julia Webb, Top 5 Global Bank Mobile App Voice Authentication Deployment

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